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Building a new infusion set brand

Capillary Biomedical

Rockabrand was tapped to develop the brand building blocks to help Capillary Biomedical support their new insulin infusion set introducing an innovative cannula technology.  These foundational elements included product and technology naming, brand framework and messaging architecture.


After immersion in learning about Capillary Biomedical’s novel cannula technology, it was vital for us to examine all product attributes – physical features, competitive differentiators, preferred personality aspects, and desired emotional qualities. We concluded that the cannula technology’s special sauce offered unparalleled reliability and assurance.

Following an exploration of descriptive, evocative and inventive names to client review and testing, the SteadiSet with SteadiFlow technology was the clear winner.


To support the creation of messaging architecture, we started by crafting

  • brand mission statements

  • brand vision statements

  • brand positioning statement

This work served as the core foundation for the development of primary and secondary messaging to speak to the company's three key audience segments: 

  • the insulin pump wearer

  • the diabetes educator 

  • the pump company partner

With our deep expertise in diabetes, coupled with consumer and educator testing that included traditional in-person focus groups and an online survey to objectively determine the most relevant messages, we arrived at a solid messaging architecture that helped Capillary Biomedical amplify their brand story.  

These messages have resonated across the audience segments and have supported successful partner negotiations, capital fundraising rounds and preliminary market development activities with diabetes educators and pump wearers alike.

Next Steps: Strategy Development

As a result of these two projects, Rockabrand was also contracted to develop market development and go-to-market strategies for the SteadiSet with SteadiFlow technology.

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